Happy Tails 
Pet Retreat

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether its your first time boarding with us, or have been with us long term, here is everything you need to know about your pet's stay!

What do I need to bring?

For Dogs: Please bring your dog's food. This can be preportioned, in the bag, or in a container. We are happy to measure scoops! We will provide bowls, bedding and leashes. We can accommodate slow feeders if needed.

For Cats: Please bring your cat's food (same rules as above). We provide litter, litterboxes, bowls and bedding.

When can I drop off or pickup my pet?

We are open DAILY from 8:00am to 6:00pm, and will accommodate pickup and drop-offs between those times. No exceptions! Please try and stick to the time you specified on your reservation form so we can plan around you. If you will be late/earlier, please CALL us right away.

How should I provide proof of vaccination?

Proof of vaccination for both cats and dogs can be directly emailed to us or uploaded with your reservation form. We ask that you please email your records ahead of time incase there are vaccines missing/due. Failure to have updated vaccines will result in your booking being cancelled.

How often do the dogs get to play?

We aim to have your dogs in play groups atleast 3-4  times a day, for 30+ minutes or more. We also rotate walking dogs daily. If you dog isn't as social and prefers to be alone, we will walk them several times a day.

I miss my pet! Can you send me photos or videos?

We often have pets staying with us for weeks at a time, so we know you miss them and they miss you! We are happy to send photos and videos to your email while you're away. Please reach out to us or let us know ahead of time if you'd like us to. Additionally, we now have an Instagram where we post play time daily.

My trip will be delayed. How do I extend/shorten my booking?

Please reach out to us via email or call us directly and we are happy to extend or shorten your booking if plans change (run availability dependent). 

Do you offer tours?

We do! We book tours anytime between 10:00am to 2:00pm daily. You must BOOK a tour, and can do so by calling us or sending an email. Tours usually take 15 minutes. Stay tuned for our virtual tours coming soon!

Do the cats get let out?

Depending on your cat's temperament, we try to let them (individually, or with a cat from the same home) wander around their upstairs kennel, get some sniffs and love from our staff. We also have a huge chest of toys and are happy to play with them if they let us!