Happytails Pet Retreat


  • Your dog must have proof that all of their vaccinations are up to date. 
  • Please note that we charge for both the pick-up and drop-off days as well as any additional days that your pets stay with us.
  • We accept intact male dogs and un-spayed females.  
  • If owner requests playtime, these dogs will have the opportunity to play with other dogs.  Please note that all dogs are carefully selected and placed in appropriate play groups.
  • If your dog is older and enjoys some quiet time, we will make sure he feels at home and won't be left out of human companionship!
  • Together with the CEI, we have volunteers on hand. Most of them come from overseas and they all have one thing in common - the love of animals!
  • We cater to each dogs individual needs during their stay... for some dogs that means having playtime with companions that are more feline in nature! 
  • The individual indoor runs are 4’ x 6’ and the individual outdoor runs are 4’ x 12’.  
  • All indoor runs extend from ceiling to floor, and the outdoor runs are covered.
  • The interior runs have in floor heating - for the comfort of your dog!
  • The kennel has an air quality control system with hepa-filter.  
  • There are five (5) outdoor exercise areas for your dog to enjoy - with or without the companionship of other dogs.